Boost Manifesto

The 5 principles below are our core beliefs about a modern and effective approach to developing leaders. They are at the foundation of why we exist and why we created Boost, to improve decision making and performance. We’d love to hear your thoughts and perspective on these principles.

The Future of Work is Now

Automation, robots and algorithms are already at work in many industries, freeing up time so teams can perform more value-added tasks. But are we ready for it? Demand for critical thinkers, decision makers, gifted creatives and effective leaders has never been greater. And since we can’t find all that talent outside, we’ll have to develop it inside.

Everyone Can Be a Leader

Up until now, large organizations have invested heavily in turning high potentials into senior executives. As they face disruption from nimbler competitors, they also want teams making better decisions, with more autonomy and accountability. It’s time to invest in the “talented many” as well as the “exceptional few”.

Self-Development Cannot Be Mandated

Most change programs fail because they neglect to embed new skills and behaviors in real work. Progressive organizations embrace an open, self-directed model in which individuals take ownership of their own development and commit to new practices. Meaningful change shows up in behaviors on the job.

Leaders are Made Through Accelerated Experience

Leadership happens when individuals feel prepared, confident and motivated. But this takes time we no longer have. So, the best way to grow leaders is through accelerated and impactful experience: trial, error, consequences, instant feedback and continuous practice. Better decisions, stronger performance.

What Gets Measured, Gets Improved.

Benchmarking our progress and performance against our peers can be the most powerful motivator to improvement of all. What if we evaluated the impact of learning into individual performance and team effectiveness? Let’s use data-based insights to improve self-development.

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